Friday, March 28, 2014

Things I'm loving at...

... Zara Home.

Now, there isn't actually a Zara Home where I live, but I am actually going on a holiday to Greece next week already, and there are Zara Home stores there, so I definitely think I will try to visit one of them. They do seem to have quite a lot of things I both need and like, after all. Such as:
I love simple bedwear in pretty colors, and these two are among my all time favorites.
Simple white towels are also a must in a chic home, I think. So I want to see what the quality is like on Zara Home's ones. If it isn't too nice, I hear Greece is actually known for it's quality cotton, so I think I will be picking up basic white towels in any case.

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, so I certainly would not mind getting some simple turquoise towels and bath mats either.

Of course, I don't mind patterned towels and towel sets either, as long as the patterns are pretty!
And a striped tablewear set would definitely cheer me up as well!
As would this lemon lookalike bowl, so cute!

This vase is really cool, and would fit right into my collection of blue and green vases!
I love blue and white china, so I would really love to get a lamp that has this pattern, I think it's really original and pretty.

(all images are from Zara Home's website)

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