Saturday, April 4, 2015

What a dream!

To not only own a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, but actually use it as a bed side table too!
I have seen these trunks used as sofa tables in living rooms, but never this nonchalantly, as a bed side table. And I love it, as it is always nice to see things you are familiar with, used in an unconventional way.

(pic from Eklund Stockholm New York)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Current furniture obsession

Something that you don't see in a lot of homes, although I have no idea why, since I am a big fan of this myself, is vintage movie chairs.
Now, I totally understand that people may not want to use these instead of supercomfy modern lounge chairs and Lazyboys and whatever they are called, but I think they look charming in hallways and other similar areas.
Not a lot of old and worn furniture look good against a modern backdrop in my opinion, but vintage movie chairs definitely do!
I really wish I could find some of these for my own home!

(pics from DesignStylePop and Pinterest)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My latest project

When we bought the house we are now actually already living in (yay!), the previous owners left some stuff when they moved. One of the things they did not seem worthy of taking with them were these brown chairs.
Now, I agree that they are rather a sad sight to behold as they are now (so I guess I can understand why they did not think they would fit in their brand new penthouse), but I do think these chairs have potential. Just imagine them with a fresh coat of paint (I am thinking either 4 different pastel colors, or white). They would be as good as new! So repainting these chairs will be my project for the next couple of weeks!

Friday, October 10, 2014

My new lamp

I have now finally moved into my new house, and of course there are tons of stuff to get for it. One thing that immediately struck me when we entered the house was that all lamps and light fixtures were pretty ugly, so we will need to change them all. I've only bought one lamp so far, though, a handmade one from the "Israeli Etsy": Marmelada Market.

This is supposed to go into our walk in closet, which will be completely white, so I thought it would be a good idea to try to add some color into it, and what better way to do it than with a lamp? That way the color doesn't get too overwhelming, but it's still there...

(all the images in this post are from Marmelada Market)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shopped for the new house

I've always been a huge fan of Missoni, in every shape and form, but since the Missoni for Target collection came out, I have not really had any need for anything from the collection (for the house anyway, I have several pieces of clothes from the collection, a pair of shoes and a bag from it already). Until now. Because now I have so many rooms to work with, surely I can fit something Missoni for Target in there somewhere?

This is why I decided to buy a Missoni for Target chevron shower curtain on Ebay:
I really like the colors on this shower curtain, and I also plan to buy some matching towels:
(pics from Ebay and Todaloos)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Things I'm loving at...

... Zara Home.

Now, there isn't actually a Zara Home where I live, but I am actually going on a holiday to Greece next week already, and there are Zara Home stores there, so I definitely think I will try to visit one of them. They do seem to have quite a lot of things I both need and like, after all. Such as:
I love simple bedwear in pretty colors, and these two are among my all time favorites.
Simple white towels are also a must in a chic home, I think. So I want to see what the quality is like on Zara Home's ones. If it isn't too nice, I hear Greece is actually known for it's quality cotton, so I think I will be picking up basic white towels in any case.

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, so I certainly would not mind getting some simple turquoise towels and bath mats either.

Of course, I don't mind patterned towels and towel sets either, as long as the patterns are pretty!
And a striped tablewear set would definitely cheer me up as well!
As would this lemon lookalike bowl, so cute!

This vase is really cool, and would fit right into my collection of blue and green vases!
I love blue and white china, so I would really love to get a lamp that has this pattern, I think it's really original and pretty.

(all images are from Zara Home's website)

Things I'm loving at...

... Armani/Casa.

The apartments we have lived in up until now have mostly been furnished with stuff from IKEA and similar stores, and while I do think quite a lot of IKEA pieces will find their way into the new home as well (I am Swedish, after all!), my plan is for go for some more high end pieces as well, so you have some heirloom quality furniture that you actually love, instead of just like, and would be happy to have for years to come. This is why I have been looking at what the high end brands for sale where I live can offer, and one of the first stores I started looking at is Armani/Casa.

I didn't really expect to find that much stuff that I like there, but it turns out, there are quite a few pieces there that could work in my new house, like these, for instance:
I love the sleek look of this vanity table and chair, but since I actually own a lot of beauty products, I am not sure how practical this would actually be for me. Maybe as a second vanity, the house does have several bedrooms, after all!
This desk would probably look amazing in my husband's study, that we are planning to make. It does have a lot of storage too, so a much more practical piece in comparison to the vanity!

This coffee table, as well as the side table (or maybe several of them? Hmm!) might really work in my living room, since I am looking for something sleek, simple and brown tablewise for now. But would definitely need to see these pieces IRL in order to be able to make a decision first!
This lamp is normally not really my style, but it is really growing on me. So this is another piece I would like to see IRL in order to see how it really looks!
This couch is gorgeous, if you ask me, but too small for my needs, I'm afraid. It could work in some corner where you need a smaller couch, though.
This is really cool as well, but the color does not work at all for me. But who knows? Maybe this comes in more than one color?

The big downside is, however, that I have no idea about the prices, as they do not have a price list online or anything, so I guess I will just need to actually go to the store to take a look at their pieces in order to find out if any of these pieces could work financially as well. Oh well, there are worse ways to spend half an hour or an hour than to go to Armani/Casa I suppose, so not too much of an issue!

(all images are from Armani/Casa)