Saturday, April 4, 2015

What a dream!

To not only own a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, but actually use it as a bed side table too!
I have seen these trunks used as sofa tables in living rooms, but never this nonchalantly, as a bed side table. And I love it, as it is always nice to see things you are familiar with, used in an unconventional way.

(pic from Eklund Stockholm New York)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Current furniture obsession

Something that you don't see in a lot of homes, although I have no idea why, since I am a big fan of this myself, is vintage movie chairs.
Now, I totally understand that people may not want to use these instead of supercomfy modern lounge chairs and Lazyboys and whatever they are called, but I think they look charming in hallways and other similar areas.
Not a lot of old and worn furniture look good against a modern backdrop in my opinion, but vintage movie chairs definitely do!
I really wish I could find some of these for my own home!

(pics from DesignStylePop and Pinterest)